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About Us

Allstream Energy Solutions
(AES) Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria on the 28th of June 2004, with RC No. 600654. It commenced business on the 1st of July 2004 with supply of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) to all cell sites belonging to MTN Nigeria in the Northern part of Nigeria. The company was also supplying to all branches of Guaranty Trust Bank in the North and other corporate organizations. At the same time, the Transport Unit began transportation of petroleum products for Oando Plc Lagos. In June 2010, the scope of its operation with MTN Nigeria was widened to cover maintenance of facilities at BTS sites. Since then, the scope of its maintenance services with the telecommunication network provider has been on the increase.

Allstream Energy Solutions Limited has grown to become a provider of energy solution to its broad clientele across Nigeria. It has capacities in all areas requiring solutions for energy services ranging from supply and installations to maintenance of generator sets of all categories. These capacities also include supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioners, supply & installation of transmission equipment for BTS sites as well as the maintenance of all active elements on site.

It has capacity for the supply and distribution of petroleum products including Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), DPK and LPFO at commercial quantities. The Company has grown its fleet with a mixture of long and short trucks to meet its transportation service across the country.

The Company presently operates through its Head Office which is situated at No. 25 Shehu Idris Crescent, Badiko New Extension, Kaduna. It has presence all over the country including Lagos..



To provide uninterrupted power solutions to the public in an effective and efficient manner.

To become the energy solution company of choice in Nigeria.


In order to obtain company mission and vision, the following strategic plan is put in place towards a successful delivery. 

  1. 1. FOCUS ON PORTFOLIO: - Allstream Energy Solution Limited has in its portfolio three core business activities, namely: Telecommunication infrastructure managed services, Sales and Distribution of Petroleum product and Haulage & Logistics Services. The company will continue to grow and develop these business areas with the aim of attaining industry leadership in the foreseeable future.
  2. SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION - We recognize that the industry in which we operate has penchant for quality service and as such, Allstream Energy Solutions Limited will continue to stand out in its service delivery by ensuring that it exceeds the target performance benchmark and ensuring the supply of quality and unadulterated products as well as timely delivery irrespective of terrain when required.
  3.  PARTNERSHIP - Allstream Energy Solution Limited further recognizes that there are industry leaders who have attained the peak in technology development towards a seamless service delivery especially within the telecommunication industry; as such the Company would explore the options of partnering with such industry leaders so long a win-win situation can be established to grow its business. The Company will continue to develop capacity and competence in all areas of energy and power requiring deployment, installation and maintenance.
  4. INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILTY- Allstream Energy Solutions Limited will remain committed to honesty and will always remain answerable for all its action. To guaranty integrity and accountability, the company will place great emphasis on recruitment, ensuring that the right people with these values are employed.
  5. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY- To ensure liquidity and sustainability, Allstream Energy Solution Limited will continue to ensure the existence of all the business lines in its portfolio to guarantee revenue inflow from multiple sources. It will also continue to retain a certain percentage of its annual earnings in a reserve account.
  6. OPERATE WITHIN THE LIMIT OF LEGAL AND STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS- Regulatory compliance is key to Allstream Energy Solutions Limited. We will always ensure accurate, timely and transparent reporting as may be required by either the Government and/or our customers.


Allstream Energy Solutions Limited (AES) is highly committed to providing Managed Services (MS) to all telecommunication network operators and infrastructure providers. It is also committed to the supply of fuel and refueling logistics services that meet and satisfy their aspirations and requirements in compliance to relevant statutory and regulatory requirements at all times.

AES is further committed to the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 standard through effective operations and continual improvements of all Quality Management (QMS) related processes in the organization.

This quality policy statement is supported by measurable objectives, implemented, maintained and continually reviewed for suitability, effectiveness and continual improvement during management review meetings or when necessary in line with changes in our core processes.

The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that this quality policy statement is implemented, maintained as documented information and communicated to all stakeholders including all employees within the organization in a manner that shall ensure suitable application to assigned tasks.


Allstream Energy Solutions Limited (AES) owes its corporate existence and continuity in business to its esteemed customers.

As such, we do all we can to attract and retain the confidence/patronage of our customers by understanding and meeting their requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.

We also have our customers in mind in all assigned tasks and manage their requests/complaints on time.

Allstream Energy Solutions is committed to the health, safety and welfare of our staff and to a healthy and safe working environment in our operations. We endeavor to achieve this by promoting good health Conditions among our employees through health counseling and education and by this ensuring the prevention of occupational and non-occupational disorders and diseases; providing a safe work environment for our staff members; ensuring too that they are aware of their own responsibilities in respect of relevant safety and environmental matters.
Also by providing safe working procedures to ensure that employees and subcontractors are protected and that their work does not result in hazards to themselves or others.Ensuring that when new substances, plants, machineries, equipment, processes or premises are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction and supervision will be provided for safe methods of work to be developed.
Pursuing pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste reduction in our operations. We aim to be the benchmark of best practice in terms of environment, health and safety in all that we do by meeting all relevant legal requirements for doing business.



Phone: +234- 0803190 5781