The company is well equipped to deliver these services to your doorstep anytime, anywhere. To this end, we have the following facilities in place.

Long Trucks

The company has in its fleet 15 number 33,000 litres and 4 number 45,000 litres capacity trucks ready to deliver bulk supplies to destinations of choice across Nigeria.


We further have in the fleet 20 number of short trucks of various capacities to deliver products to all destinations of choice. The peddlers are fitted with metering facilities for accurate measurement of customer’s product during delivery. The peddlers essentially satisfy our retail supply requirements. With the peddlers, we can meet customer’s supply needs on short notice regardless of distance and difficulty of terrain.


The company at all times has in stock all products especially Automotive
Gas Oil (AGO) in large quantity to enable it satisfies customers’ needs at all times. This again is made possible by the availability of our storage facility with capacity for 1,000,000 liters of products.


We are in a strategic partnership with major oil marketers which places us in a position to satisfy your need for quality and any type of lubricant for your Diesel generators, ranging from mono to multi-grade lube, we can supply and deliver to any location of your choice within short notice.